I’ve been an Editor for 10 years; cutting Features, broadcast Documentaries and factual shows, and short films. I’ve cut for the  BBC, Channel 4, Discovery, Sony, Disney and many more. 

My first feature film “Arthur and Merlin”, was in the top 5 on iTunes when released. At the 2015 Cannes film Festival 2015 a short I co-edited “Love is Blind” was nominated for the Short film Palm D’Or, and other short’s i’ve cut (including those funded by the BFI, Creative England and Film London) have been nominated for awards at festivals like New York, Edinburgh and London. A short i cut “Mouse X” has recently passed 240,000 views online, which was cool.

i’ve also cut hundreds of hours of promo content for companies like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Red Bull…. It’s been a long old slog. Probably why my hair is receding.

My dad used to read classic novels to me to get me to sleep, so I have a love of storytelling hardwired into my brain. I grew up watching silly comedy, sci-fi and melodramas, so I still count “Star Trek 2:The Wrath of Khan” as a pinnacle of cinematic expression, along with “Airplane!” and “The Godfather”. When i’m not working I love going to see stand up comedy and music gigs, listening to comedy podcasts, and trying to do yoga to reduce my blubber.