‘Off-Piste’ – Feature Film

A reclusive ex-SAS officer is hunted down in the Alps by people from his past…

A retired SAS soldier living as a recluse in the French Alps cuts wood for local villagers during the day and drinks heavily to forget his past at night. Depressed and haunted by the killing of an innocent boy while engaging an active IRA cell, only his devotion to care for his blind elderly mother keeps him from ending his own life. Stanley’s world is turned upside down with a chance meeting of a young Irish girl ‘Niamh’ on a ski holiday turns out to be more than just a coincidence. With a motive to avenge her young brother’s death Niamh makes it her business to get close to Stanley, but she soon discovers she is not alone in wanting him dead.

// 90 mins // 4K
// Director: Glen Kirby
// Cinematography: Antony Meadley
// Music: Jed Fortune


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