Walking the Amazon

Landmark feature length documentary about the first person to walk the entire length of the Amazon River.

Feature Documentary // 90 mins // HD


The inside story on one of the most amazing adventures of all time, allowing viewers to join one brave Brit as he takes on the last great challenge in the world of exploration…and succeeds. Using footage recorded throughout the journey, we see ex-soldier and explorer Ed Stafford undertake a quest that involves hardships beyond measure; deadly creatures, treacherous mountains, dense jungles, drug-traffickers and tropical disease. The story begins in April 2008, Ed Stafford and his friend Luke Collyer attempt to become the first people to ever walk from the source of the Amazon River in Southern Peru to the mouth of the river on the Brazilian Atlantic coast. They believe it wi;; take them one year and involve walking 4,000 miles. In the end, two and a half years later, only Ed would make it to the Atlantic, having walked 6,000 miles; weaving around tributaries, bandit country and flooded landscapes. In the end he walked out of the jungle and into the history books, joining the ranks of great British explorers.