I’ve been an Editor for 15 years (you can tell from my hairline). I think I bring honesty, humour and humanity to the films I work on – both on and off screen, and people value my creativity, my skills and my instincts.

I was introduced to the power of cinema at age 10 by Jurassic Park, I left the cinema in fear after 30 mins and couldn’t go back in when I heard the screaming – I grew up mostly watching rom-coms, sci-fi, and melodramas, so I consider “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan” to be a Masterpiece alongside “The Godfather” and “You’ve Got Mail”.

When I’m not working I love going to see stand-up comedy and music gigs, listening to podcasts, and trying to do yoga.

FEATURE FILMS including the upcoming “Matriarch” for Disney/Hulu,  “Shepherd” released in cinemas Nov 2021, and  “The Pugilist”, nominated for Best British Film at the Edinburgh Film Festival.

SHORT FILMS such as “No More Wings”, which won Best Film at the TRIBECA Film Festival, and “Hair Cut” which was BAFTA Longlisted. Others have been funded by Film4, the BFI, Creative England, and Film London, screening at festivals such as BFI London, Cannes, Berlin, and Toronto.

TV DRAMA  Including ITV Drama “Murder in Provence” starring Roger Allam,  “Coronation Street” for ITV, “Eastenders” for BBC1

TV COMEDY – Sitcom “Bravo 2 Charlies” for BBC, Sitcom “LowDown” for CH4.

DOCUMENTARIES for the BBC, CH4, Discovery, Nat Geo, and many others.

PROMOS for companies including Sony, Disney, Lexus, and Redbull.


‘It’s been a dream to work with Jim. He was one of the biggest blessings of my project. Not only is he a genius but he’s super professional and committed. I’ve gained a lifelong collaborator and friend.’

Koby Adom – Writer/Director of “Haircut”

“Jim is a great film editor. He was brilliant at improving scenes we thought were already as good as they could be. He often found ingenious ways of using limited material to deliver the right impact. Jim also used his creative VFX ideas to heighten key moments in the film. If you want an editor with a passion and talent for what he does whilst always respecting and serving a director’s vision, then Jim is an excellent choice.”

Toby & Fionn Watts – Directors of “Playhouse”

‘As a first-time director, working with Jim was a pleasure. He was supportive, patient, and keen to hear my voice. He struck the balance perfectly between leading and executing with his experience, whilst creating a safe space for me to be able to share and execute my vision.’

Abraham Adeyemi – Director of “No More Wings”

‘James has an eye for detail but doesnt lose sight of the whole, is frank without being dogmatic and always puts the film first. He understands story, subtlety and the importance of an endless supply of Diet Coke’

Nev Pierce – Writer/Director

“Jim is a passionate and collaborative editor. He combines the sensibilities of a true filmmaker with the ambition to make every project the best it can be. He knows his craft and needs no hand-holding”

Richard Turley – BAFTA Nominated Writer/Director of “Strings”

“It’s a joy as a Director to sit in an edit and feel like your editor totally sees the story you want to tell and the shape and pace you need. Jim has a great instinct for film, and I trusted him the whole way- great bloke too!”

Carolina Giammetta – Comedy Writer & Director

“Apart from his obvious talent as an Editor, Jim also has the added gift of seeing the ‘big picture’ of structure and storylines. He’s also great fun to work with and makes what could be hard and sometimes frustrating work very enjoyable.”

Jamie Robertson – Director

“James has worked on a number of series for me, and has been excellent on everyone. He works fast and efficiently, and has a strong visual sense and a keen grasp of narrative. I enjoy working with him and would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Charlotte Wheeler – Series Producer