I’ve cut everything from feature length dramas to 30 second commercials, comedy sketches to hard hitting BBC and CH4 documentaries. I like to keep busy!

I’ve cut 8 features, including “The Pugilist” which was nominated for the ‘Michael Powell Best British Film Award’ at the Edinburgh Film Festival. I’ve cut episodes of Coronation Street and sitcom “Lowdown” for CH4.

I’ve cut shorts funded by the BFI, Creative England & Film London which have screened at Festivals like London Film Festival, Tribeca, Berlinale, Encounters, Raindance and lots of lovely ones you might not have heard of. 

I’ve cut documentaries and specialist factual for all the major UK broadcasters including the BBC, CH4 CH5, ITV, Discovery and Sky.

I’ve also cut hundreds of hours of content for brands like Sony, Lexus, Red Bull and DisneyIt’s been a long slog. Probably why my hair is receding.

As a child my Dad used to read classic novels to me to get me to sleep, so I have a love of storytelling hardwired into my brain. At 10 I was introduced to the power of cinema by Jurassic Park (I left the cinema in fear after 30mins and couldn’t come back in when i heard the screaming). I grew up mostly watching romcoms, sci-fi and melodramas, so I count “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan” as a masterpiece, along with “The Godfather” and “You’ve Got Mail”. When I’m not working I love going to see stand up comedy and music gigs, listening to comedy podcasts, and trying to do yoga to reduce my blubber.

These are some of the festivals my work has screened at: