/ Horror Feature

Laura returns to her childhood home to confront her personal demons but instead discovers a real one.

/ SciFi / TV Drama

SciFi Series – Four kids stumble upon an alien artifact buried in the woods, sending their lives spiralling out of control.

Murder In Provence
/ TV Drama

ITV Drama Series – A detective in the south of France uncovers murders and mysteries.

No More Wings
/ Drama / Short Film

Winner: Best Film at Tribeca Film Festival. 2 old friends reunite, but find their lives have taken very different paths

/ Horror / Feature Film

A young shepherd is tormented by terrifying visions after the death of his wife. In Cinemas Nov 21

Twice As Good
/ Sci – Fi / Short Film

A single mother is shocked to find a man in her kitchen who says he’s from the future

War of the Worlds:
the Attack / Feature Film

A retelling of the classic HG Wells story – 3 young astronomers fight to survive a deadly Martian Invasion

Lowdown / TV Comedy

All4 Sitcom -Two immoral best friends navigate shoplifting, pedophile boyfriends and…doing the right thing?

Coronation Street
/ TV Drama

ITV Drama – The lives, loves and losses of the people of Weatherfield, Manchester

Pickle Storm
/CBBC Comedy

Magical 9 year-old Pickle Storm and has to flee her fantasy world of Kleftania – a world of magic, dragons and warriors – and seek refuge in the everyday UK town of Middlington.

Hair Cut
/ Drama / Short Film

A barber’s encounter with a local drug runner brings up uncomfortable truths about his past.

Bravo 2 Charlies
/ BBC Comedy

BBC Comedy featuring the antics of the uniformed guardians of the North Wales traffic police.

/ Drama / Feature Film

A reclusive military officer is hunted down in the Alps by people from his past

The Playhouse
/ Horror / Feature Film

In a remote Scottish castle, a horror writer faces terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to an evil curse lurking within the walls.

Talk Radio
/ Comedy / Short Film

A housewife overhears her husband criticising her on a call in radio show, so she plans her revenge.

/ Comedy / Short Film

A widow’s attempts to find love are ruined when the ghost of her cheating dead husband gatecrashes her dates.

The Knackerman
/ Drama / Short Film

BFI short – An ageing Knacker, responsible for the disposal of dying horses, must face his own mortality.

Raring to Go!
/ Comedy Sketch

A new office worker is VERY enthusiastic about her new job.

/ BBC Drama

The ongoing stories of the residents of Albert Square.

The Snip
/ Comedy / Short Film

Determined to not have any more kids, a dim witted dad reluctantly goes for a vasectomy.

Paso Doble
/ Comedy / Short Film

A washed up champion ballroom dancer contends with a pushy stage mother

Harry The Hamster
/ Short Film

An old photo transports a man back to a childhood memory of a day out with his Grandad and his beloved pet, Harry the Hamster.

/ Family / Feature Film

Schoolboy Tim is an expert in wasting time. So what happens when he discovers he has two hours left to live?

/ Horror / Short Film

A cityboy and a builder fall out with horrific results. Based on Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado”

Mouse X
/ Sci-Fi / Short Film

An infinite number of identical rooms. Each contains a clone…of you. What would you do?

Lock In
/ Drama /Short Film

BFI Short – A psychological game of cat and mouse begins between a menacing stranger, a landlord and his pregnant daughter.

/ Comedy / Short Film

A man arrives home to find his best friend has replaced him with a ventriloquist dummy.

Literally, Literally
/ Comedy Sketch

A woman takes exception to their continued wrong use of the word “Literally”.

/ Drama / Short Film

A Syrian refugee becomes a surrogate for a desperate couple, but their illicit pact has dark consequences.

The Pugilist
/ Drama / Feature Film

One son murdered. One son estranged. An ex-boxer tries to repair and avenge his family.

Self Help
/ Drama / Short Film

An oddball attends a motivational seminar by his brash idol in the hope of changing his isolated life

The Treehouse
/ Drama / Short Film

BFI short – A boy retreats from his father’s funeral to the treehouse they built together, where he finds a mysterious young girl.

Arthur and Merlin
/ Drama / Feature Film

The true epic origins of Arthur and Merlin, the most legendary friendship in history.

/ Comedy / Short Film

David will do anything to keep his family together, even becoming a completely different man.

/ Drama / Short Film

Film London short – Convinced his dad is a spy, Luke embarks on a journey to discover the awkward truth.

Man Up
/ Comedy / Short Film

3 old friends argue over a pint about who is really the boss in their personal lives.

Double Date
/ Comedy / Feature Film

Assembly Editor – Two friends on a quest to lose one’s virginity before his birthday, meet two mysterious sisters with dark intentions

Roundheads & Cavaliers
/ Comedy / Short Film

Alice finds herself caught between a Roundhead and a Cavalier in a battle for her affections.

From Scratch
/ Drama / Short Film

After a seizure, struggling Art student Cassie develops a painting hand with a mind of it’s own.

/ Comedy / Short Film

A Mother’s frustrations boil over when it becomes clear that her family simply can’t communicate without texting.

Saving Elodie
/ Drama / Short Film

Whilst visiting her Granddad a surly teenager has her world turned upside down when the WiFi stops.

Quiet Carriage
/ Comedy / Short Film

A man’s commute is interrupted by a loudmouth passenger, but he really should have ignored her…

You Eat Other Animals?
/ SciFi / Short

Two men are abducted by beautiful Vegan aliens, who soon discover something stomach churning

/ Comedy / Short Film

A headstrong rooster decides the fate of a couple’s relationship.

Headliners / Drama
Short Film

Headliners Drama SBTV, Go Think Big and O2 teamed up to provide 40 young people…

Small Gifts
/ Drama / Short Film

A touching tale of a boy and a father overcoming grief, with the help of a stranger.

Can I Help
/ Sci-Fi / Short Film

An artificial Intelligence tries to help an overworked architect get over the break up of his family.

/ Comedy / Short Film

Can shy handyman Joe help single mother Lena avoid lecherous landlord Cliff,  get her electricity back on, and win her heart?

In the Bleak Midsummer
/ Comedy /Short Film

David has celebrated Christmas every day for 18yrs and he’ll soon have the world record, much to the chagrin of his wife.

Just Desserts
/ Comedy / Short Film

An unhappy couple’s evening meal is interrupted by some very suspicious text messages.

Office Jargon
/ Comedy Sketch

In any office, communication is key…

Phil’s Room
/ Drama / Short Film

A chance meeting with a kind waitress spurs severely autistic Phil to change his life.

Crap Parkour
/ Comedy Sketch

A street yoof and his passion for parkour.

Get Me? / Comedy Sketch

A woman from the streets is struggling to be understood.

Perfectly Frank
/ Musical / Feature Film

Frank has been raised by his Grandad, almost never leaving the house. Could lovable scally Lily be the one to help him?

City Lights
/ Rom-Com / Short Film

A night security guard finds a unique way to attract a pretty cleaner who works in the opposite tower.

/ Drama / Short Film

A deaf girl living in a Cornish fishing village has to survive her abusive stepmother.

/ Comedy Sketch

Enough is enough, and its time this young man changed his ways.

/ Comedy / Short Film

A first date goes from awkward to despicable very quickly.

The Karle Portal
/ Sci Fi / Short Film

Time and space collide as a young couple stumble upon a Cold War experiment gone awry.

How We Live
/ Drama / Short Film

Based on real-life experiences of homeless children in chesire – living with debt, into crisis, and worse.

Louis & Lucy
/ Drama / Short Film

Louis is on his way home and finds Lucy, shivering in an alley way with a black eye. What should he do?

/ Drama / Short Film

8yr old Bonnie is keeping a secret from her UKIP supporting dad – an illegal immigrant in the shed.

Michael / Drama
Short Film

An ageing hitman finds a person he can’t bring himself to kill.

Come Rain or Shine
/ Drama / Short Film

A comic drama about the travails of several young homeless people over 24 hours.

/ Drama / Short Film

In the mental institution he’s forced to live in Jim is interviewed about his bizarre affliction.

Canis Belli
/ Drama / Short Film

WW1 – During a gas attack a british solider ventures out into no mans land to save a stray dog.

A Christmas Story
/ Drama / Short Film

On Christmas 80-year-old Rodney is collected by his family – but they look strangely unfamiliar.

Friendly Fire
/ Drama / Short Film

Wartime England: a wife prays for forgiveness, but her sins aren’t so easily overlooked by her sister.

/ Comedy / Feature Film

The loves and hates of a group of friends, working in a german theme pub in Birmingham

NHS Cinema Advert
“Shisha – Don’t Be Fooled”

Advert to warn against the risks of smoking Shisha pipes.

Panasonic Headphones

Promo video for the range of products provided by Panasonic.

Lexus & Mark Ronson
/ Branded

A creative collaboration with multi-award winning music producer Mark Ronson to launch the new LC.

Panasonic 4K TV EZ1002

Promo for Panasonic 2017 range of 4K TVs.

Billabong & Sony
/ Branded

Promo announcing the partnership of Sony Xperia and Billabong.

Sony Cybershot Vietnam

Advertisement for the HX50 range of Sony Cybershot Cameras.

Panasonic Lumix TZ40
/ Branded

CGI animated advertisement for the new flagship range of Panasonic Stills Cameras.

Phaidon – Steve McCurry
Branded / Documentary

Legendary photographer Steve McCurry discusses his life, his work, and his approach to his art.

Philips Azur – Steam Iron

Promo for Philips Azur Steam Iron range

Lenovo Ideapad Y500 Laptop

CGI Advertisement for the new range of Lenovo laptops.

Blitz Kids: An Album in 48hrs
/Branded Documentary

The band “Blitz Kids” try to make their debut Album in 48hrs

Riyad Reflections / Branded

Commissioned by the Riyaad City government to publicise the work being done to redesign the city for the future.

Sony Cybershot

Advertisement for the new range of Sony Cybershot Cameras

Lenovo: Sounds of the Sea

The work of Marine Biologist Tammy Silva and her use of Lenovo technology in her studies.

Panasonic Lumix Camera

CGI animated advertisement for the TZ30 range of Panasonic Lumix Cameras

TECHNICS Record Player

Promo video for Panasonic Technics 1200 record player

ACBC Trainers / Branded

Commercial for ACBC Trainers

Canon 1DX Camera

Promo for Canon’s top of the range stills camera – 1DX Mark II

Disney Store Christmas!

Promo for Christmas at the Disney Store

Clarks / Branded

Instructional videos to help parents get the best fit shoes for their children’s feet.

Disney Store & Great Ormond
Street Children’s Hospital
/ Branded

Celeb filled Fundraising event to aid children’s hospital

Royal Bank of Scotland
/ Branded

Advert for RBS’s recruitment drive, focusing on the passions and pleasure of their employees.

Lenovo: Hive Harmony

Using technology to monitor bee activity, which has far and wide implications for the world

HP & Promise / Branded

How feature film “The Pugilist” Used HP and Promise Technology together to finish the film

Lenovo YOGA 11S Laptop
/ Branded

Promo for the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S Laptop/Tablet Hybrid

HP Sprocket Printer
/ Branded

Campaign commercial for HP’s new pocket wireless Printer

Amazon Fire Stick / Branded

Promoting the new Amazon Fire Stick

Lenovo Stack Projector
/ Branded

Promos for the Lenovo’s new smart, pocket-sized projector

RAZER Blade Pro Laptop
/ Branded

Promo for Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion: Savage
/ Branded

Promo for Lenovo’s state of the art gaming computer line

Olympics: World Sport Chicago

The success of “World Sport Chicago” which rose from the failure of their 2016 Olympic Bid.

Panasonic – 4K TV EX700

Promo video for Panasonic 4K TV – EX700

Lenovo Phab2Plus Phone

Promo for new Lenovo Phab2Plus mobile phone

Lenovo Y480 Laptop
/ Branded

Advertisement for the new range of Lenovo laptops

Sony Xperia -Hot Shots

Web series following 6 up-and-coming tennis players on the WTA tour and having fun off court

King Hermit
‘Dirty Vagabond’
/Music Promo

Music promo for British Band King Hermit

Juliette Ashby
‘Freaky Wow Wow’
/Music Promo

Music promo for UK RnB Artist Juliette Ashby.

King Hermit
‘Vile High Club’
/Music Promo

Music Promo for British Band King Hermit.

Raman Diamond
‘Record Killer’
/Music Promo

Music Promo for release of “Record Killer” by Raman Diamond

Bubbz – ‘Citizen Funk’
/Music Promo

35mm Music Promo for UK Hip Hop Artist Bubbz.

Christof VanDerVen
/Music Promo

Surreal and touching music promo dealing with love, loss and trumpets

Clayton Denwood
‘Between Me and You’
/ Music Promo

Music Promo for Canadian singer-songwriter Clayton Denwood.

Juliette Ashby
‘Drop It Baby’
/Music Promo

Music promo for the debut single of UK RnB Artist Juliette Ashby.

Mano De Dios
‘Need Some Light’
/ Music Promo

Music Promo for London gypsy-punk quartet Mano De Dios.