Lenovo: Sounds of the Sea

Lenovo #Thinkstories: Sounds of the Deep Blue Sea


Following the work of Marine Biologist Tammy Silva and her use of Lenovo technology in her studies.

What noise does a dolphin make? Marine biologist Tammy Silva has built her budding scientific career around this question. When she’s not teaching ballet to her students or playing with her Husky-Golden Retriever mix, Tobey, she’s climbing aboard sea vessels, tracking and analyzing the tones of the majestic toothed whales of Massachusetts Bay. To this scientist, the high-pitched audio frequencies of ocean-dwellers aren’t an annoyance; it’s music to her ears. Tammy is a passionate ThinkPad user: “Assessing the vocal behavior of the animals, the bioacoustics, often requires unique software and fast processing for visualizing and analyzing the sound. I need additional processing power to run programs that require excessive power. This is where my trustworthy ThinkPad comes into play—it’s been great at meeting all my research needs.”